Tomita Farm

Tomita farm is located in the north part of Hokkaido, close to the Okhotsk coast. The area is known for its plentiful pastures, helping to fill the stomachs of the dairy cows of Tomita farm. The farmers of Tomita farm have also decided to only use the cows excrement as fertilizer, with no added chemicals, supplementing the already ideal environment for the cows.

The environment at Tomita farm is therefore the perfect environment to raise the perfect dairy cow, with rich natural landscapes and chemical free ecosystem.
All of this results in the perfect dairy product from Tomita farm.

Shangri-la Hotel, Tokyo, is using Tomita farm cheese for breakfast at Horizon Club Lounge and at Piacere.

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Murakami Farm

Murakami farm is located in the Tokachi area of Hokkaido, specializing in a small selection of seasonal vegetables, including potatoes, beans and asparagus. The potatoes of Murakami farm are kept fully grown under snow for additional ripening giving them a fuller and richer taste.
Special care is also given to the asparagus of Murakami farm. Workers hand pick any unwanted plants or weeds from asparagus’ surroundings.
The vegetables grown at Murakami farm are sure to continue to deliver the highest quality given all of the love and care they receive.​​

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Kita Tokachi Farm
Kita-Tokachi farm is located in the Tokachi area of Hokkaido. With over 5000 cows, the farm is one of the best known in Hokkaido.
The cows are fed with locally sourced Tokachi corn, barley and soy beans. These lucky cows are also fed on locally sourced beets, adding sweetness to their diet. The Tokachi cows are fed with near 100% locally sourced food. Special care is given to balance the diets of the cows, giving the meat an especially soft and tender texture.
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