This page features some of the culinary creations of our Executive Chef Andrea Ferrero using ingredients from selected producers in Japan.

Please note that not all available dishes may be featured due to the extent of our menus.
Kindly also be advised that Japanese food is very seasonal and some ingredients from our partner farms may only be available during specific periods of the year. 
Please call or email us for further information or assistance.


Salsify, sea urchin, celeriac puree, herbs

Smoked foie gras terrine, 
strawberry and black pepper compote,
rocket jus and leaves.

White asaparagus cooked in milk, lobster, onsen sprouts, raw black olives and spring vegetable salad, citrus

​Pasta and Risotto

Spaghettoni alla carbonara with egg yolks, crunchy pork cheek and Pecorino cheese

Linguine, butter and white pepper,
tuna belly and lime zest

Asparagus Capellini

Salt roasted onion risotto,
caviar and sour cream

Fresh housemade lasagna,
30 yolk dough, meat ragu
and fresh burrata cheese

​Main Courses

Dry aged brown Swiss beef from Hokkaido, oven baked celeriac roots,
black olives, beef crisp and wine dressing

Seared rock fish cooked in saffron, sudachi scented bouillon,
bread and tomato filled zucchini flowers with basil aroma, pickled onions

Hokkaido sea scallops,
soft cream of parsnip,
baby white turnip, roasted leek compote

Slow cooked pork loin from Hasegawa farm, grean pea and broad bean salad,
citrus cream sauce,
pickled Toyama radishes


White ivoire chocolate mousse, kiyomi sorbet, hyuganatsu compote and zest, banpeiyu marinated in sugar and lavender syrup, candied dekopon, black pepper seared kumquats​

Chocolate cream, Italian almond ice cream, rhum baba, meringue